Coaches Corner

Around the Grounds with Mark Gliddon

Firstly I would like to introduce myself, my name is Mark Gliddon. I am the Coaching and Development Manager at the Wynnum Manly Juniors, a role I commenced in 2018.  Which basically means I am there to develop our coaches who will then develop our players.

A little bit about myself ,I played one year at the Wynnum Juniors when I was 17 years of age, and then progressed through to the Colts, and then into Grade football with Wynnum Manly Seniors.  I am very proud to have played at such a great club.

I started senior coaching at Wynnum Seniors in 2003 where I coached the Fogs A Grade for a total of five years, and was the Intrust Super Cup Assistant Coach in 2008 2009.

My previous role was as the Head Coach and Development Manager at the Norths Devils, where I was for five years.

The Development System was put in place by former and present NRL coaches Mark Murray and Anthony Griffin. This system has been very successful in developing young players to go to the next level.

With saying this the new Seagulls Academy Manager Glen Dreger and I will be working hard on combining the Wynnum Seniors and the Wynnum Juniors to form a strong relationship between the two clubs.

.I am very passionate about rugby league in the Wynnum area, and I am certainly looking forward to working with the Wynnum Seniors and the Junior Coaching staff to make sure we have a direct pathway for these young boys and girls.